Amal Sakr Elhoseiny was born in Cairo, Egypt. She received her Ph.D. degree in 1997 in Comparative Studies between German and Arabic language and literature from Cairo University in Egypt. She worked as a lecturer in the College of Education in Cairo University until 2000. From 2000 and on-going, she works as an Arabic teacher at New Horizon School Pasadena. 2004-2013, she has been the head of Arabic department in the Islamic Center of Southern California. 2013-2017, she has been the head teacher of Arabic, Qur’an and Islamic studies at the Sunday School in the Islamic Center of Southern California.  In 2005, she participated in the translation of the national standards for Arabic and she designed standards-based scenarios for teaching Arabic as a foreign language. In 2005-2016, she presented in different conferences, e.g. MEC, ISNA, CAIS, SWCOLT, and ACTFL. In 2007 she attended Startalk/HADI Arabic teacher training program. In 2013, she designed standards-based activities for Qatar Foundation International (QFI) and Bureau of Islamic and Arabic Education (BIAE). In 2008-2013, she participated as a master Arabic teacher in Aldeen foundation/ Startalk Student program. 2009-2015, she held the Membership Committee Chair and the Interim Vice President of the National Arabic Teachers Association. In 2010, she completed successfully the Nuraniyah method workshop that enhances learning and teaching Qur’an. 2010-2017, she taught Qur’an at New Horizon School in Pasadena. In 2013-2016 she has been an executive committee member of Southern California Arabic Language Teachers Council. In 2015, she attended the Nuraniyah method Trainer-Workshop, and in turn, she became a Nuraniyah trainer for teachers. 2014, she conducted a two days’ workshop for teachers of Arabic in Tamarac/Florida. 2014, she completed successfully two workshops conducted by Startalk/Classroad for blended and online instruction of Arabic as a foreign language. 2016 with Hadi/Startalk, she taught Arabic online to high school and college students. In August 2017, she conducted a Nuraniyah workshop for teachers in Orange Crescent School in CA. Working together with other instructors to enhance the teaching of Arabic and to improve the learning experiences of students is her goal.



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