Mrs. Shaath will serve served as a foreign language teacher for 16 years as a Teacher. She also held roles as Curriculum Developer / Administrator, Project Manager, Curriculum Developer, and Lead Teacher, playing an instrumental role in design, development, implementation, expansion, and administration of the district’s Arabic language / culture program—meeting the objectives of the National Security Language Initiative to expand the teaching of strategically important world languages in schools across the US. Oversaw grant-funded programs at five sites and liaised extensively with the central office to control program budgets.
• Spearheaded creation of LAUSD’s first Arabic language curriculum, with 3 UCOP-approved levels; designed units and lesson plan standard base and integrated cultural learning activities to facilitate language learning.
• Startalk: Co-directed and served as Lead Teacher for federal / Department of Defense (DoD) grant-funded Arabic language curriculum development and program expansion initiative; received DoD funding each year from ’07 to ’14 and additional funding through Teacher of Critical Language Program grant in ’12.
— Partnered with district instructional design specialists to create an online Arabic language course customized for the LAUSD student population; leveraged Moodle LMS to develop the online components, collaborating with faculty to extend the language learning process beyond the classroom.
• Routinely trained and coached faculty on best-practices for incorporating technology into the classroom and enhancing instruction through innovative / creative software utilization, including such tools as Camtasia, Snagit, Edmodo, Animoto, and Web 2.0.
• Earned consistent recognition from local, state, national:
— ’14 California Language Teacher Association’s Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award.
— ’13 Qatar Foundation International’s Teacher of the Month Award.

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