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  • September 16, 2017

The use of social media in schools is a burning issue with arguments both in its favor and against it. Social media, no doubt, is being used a lot for negative purposes but the fact that its significance cannot be denied, truly elaborates that it can be used in schools for education. Out of the many ways, here are just a few of them in which social media can be used effectively in schools.
Facebook, undoubtedly the most popular social media platform, can be used in many ways for educating the masses. Some of the ways are:
• Broadcast Account – Using Facebook as a broadcast account can be very handy provided the fact that one-way communication can be done easily through it. All the information can be provided to the parents about the children’s performance, attendance, and it can also be used to inform them about the meetings and different stuff.
• Marketing – Facebook is also being widely used for marketing purposes and many different colleges and universities are using it for marketing themselves. Schools can also use Facebook as a marketing tool and reach many parents by sponsoring the posts in their areas.
• Sharing Information – Many children are also on Facebook these days and schools can make use of this opportunity. They can share information with the children from a safe distance. Moreover, notes, files, and other documents can also be shared to a wide audience.
Twitter, just like Facebook, is being used as a broadcast account. It is ideal for those who don’t like reading huge posts but want the information conveyed concisely. Parents find it very convenient to read the complete information conveyed in fewer words. Teachers have set up subject or class Twitter accounts which the students can follow and stay in touch with the teacher. Unlike Facebook, it is not as easy to share information and transfer files using Twitter because it is a bit sophisticated.
Pinterest is gaining immense popularity as a virtual pin board. It is ideal for sharing web resources that are related to the course of the students and that they may find interesting and informative. Many lecturers around the world have set up their own pin boards and students follow them to acquire knowledge and learn something new and different.
Using social media for schools at one point is very useful. However, on the other hand, it can be a cause of worry as well. The reason that many senior managers and teachers give is abuse. They feel that it will promote harassing and abuse which is not at all acceptable. By introducing a safe framework and keeping check and balance, this can be avoided and the real benefits of social media can be enjoyed.


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