Thouraya Boubetra graduated from Algiers University with a degree in Arabic Language and Literature.
She worked as a journalist in a daily and weekly newspaper in Algeria and Lebanon, and as an Arabic Language teacher in Lebanon and New Horizon School Pasadena.
Thouraya also worked with the Bureau of Islamic and Arabic Education (BIAE) to improve the Arabic Language teaching by preparing supplementary material for teachers. She has contributed to the development of the Hayya Natakalam Ma’an Program as a curriculum reviewer.
Since 2010, she has served as the Online Arabic Education Director at Aldeen Foundation, and worked also as the Online Coordinator for the Aldeen – STARTALK summer program.
She is serving currently as an executive committee member in the Arabic Teacher Council of southern California, founded by Qatar Foundation. She was a board member and the executive editor of the newsletter for the National Arabic Teachers Association.
Thouraya is an active board member in several educational and non-profit organizations.
Her goal at all times has been to help provide Arabic teachers with the most recent strategies and effective techniques in teaching Arabic as a foreign language, and to promote the importance of professional networking among Arabic teachers.

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