Mission Statement

NATA K-12 aims to promote the teaching and learning of the Arabic language in North America and all over the world to support teachers of Arabic. We strive to introduce, maintain, and expand new and existing Arabic programs in public and private schools. We seek to develop teachers’ skills and nurture their leadership and collaborative abilities through ongoing and future professional development opportunities. In our forum, members can connect and brainstorm to enhance curricula, advance knowledge, and strengthen our communities.



NATA is organized by K-12 teachers for K-12 teachers with the purpose of:

  • Expanding the availability of Arabic programming across the United States and all over the world.
  • Raising awareness about Arab culture and striving to give a current and realistic image of the Arab world.
  • Advancing and improving the teaching and learning of the Arabic language.
  • Creating professional development opportunities and training for teachers.
  • Organizing annual conferences and online platform where members can share and exchange ideas and best practices.
  • Developing critical thinking and application.
  • Reviewing and reinforcing existing curricula and collaborating to create core curriculum, benchmarks, and AP exams, and dual immersion programs
  • Providing research and consultancy




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